5 Americano Grande’s drunk, 3 Starbucks City Mugs acquired

June 17, 2008

P1010119.JPGA bit of a nightmare journey from Seattle. I made the fatal error of arriving at the airport early and switching to an earlier flight. I should know this never works. We all got on the plane, then the pilot found a fault so we got off, two hours later we finally took off and landed in San Deigo at midnight thirty. I got to the Hilton Torres Pines an hour later to snatch four hours sleep before running a one day strategy session. Depite the lack of sleep that went well and a great pleasure to be working with Mary Boone (my co-author on the HBR article). We went out this evening for a meal to celebrate the award on the La Jolla seafront. All of this has meant skipping a day on the blog and I want to talk about the Special Librarian Conference in Seattle (Podcast now up). But I will save that for another day. In the mean time, before I go to sleep before an 0430 shuttle tomorrow morning, I thought I would at least report on the success of the Seattle visit. Not only a Seattle Starbucks mug, but as a bonus one for Mount Rainier National Park and a very special one from the first ever store. I had to queue half an hour for that. Yes I know its sad, but the collection is growing.

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