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July 14, 2010

One of the things about narrative work using SenseMaker® is that you are often dealing with material, especially the results which cannot be shared. I’m pleased to say that the Welsh Audit Office are an exception to this and have just published the results of their recent Staff Survey. This is a growing area of work for us with a lot of organisations frustrated by complex reports with lots of figures but no context. Obviously they have not shared the various stories that back up the data here, but it gives you an idea of SenseMaker® in action. One of the things I like about this report is the mix of inductive and abductive results. It is familiar enough not to scare of the traditionalists while novel enough to show potential.

The next stage is to generate a whole of organisation suggestions scheme. A lot of these fall into abeyance as each suggestion has to be processed in a linear way. WIth signification we can now look for patterns in the body of suggestions narratives over time.

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