A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making

October 28, 2007

There’s a growing body of academic research about decision making under uncertainty. (If you Google the term, you will get — or I did — 284,000 hits.) Not much of this research has worked its way into practical frameworks for managers. To me, one of the great values of “A Leader’s Framework for Decision Making” is that it lives up to its title. In so doing, it connects sense-making to action in ways that are both wise and practical.”

The HBR article on the Cynefin framework is now out and available for $6.50. Tom’s Letter from the Editor, the generous conclusion of which I quote above, is a great summary of the context and need for the article. It also has the benefit of being free!

It was a relief to finally see it in print when I got back from Helsinki by way of the ROH on Friday. It is the cover article. I know I was told, but I was with St Thomas; I had to see to believe. My thanks to everyone who received thier HBR last week for their comments both via email and blogs. I should say now that it would never have been written if it had not been for the patience and persistence of my co-author Mary Boone and the considerable help of our two HBR editors Bronwyn Fryer and Lilith Fondulas. Mary is our guest blogger for the next two weeks so you will have a chance to get to know her.

I am not sure if it is the first time Welsh has appeared in the HBR, but I am pretty sure it is the first time a Welsh name has been attached to a management model! Expect more news on this over the next week or so, and some packaging of leadership offerings on the web site after my flying (double red eye) visit to Singapore this coming week.

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