A miscellany of RSS feeds and a frustration

March 17, 2008

It is early morning in Washington DC, and the USA has sprung forward a few weeks before Europe; you would think some co-ordination and agreement on this would be possible to avoid confusion. I have already messed up several conference call arrangements by simply adding five to local time when I should have added four. Waking up early (I am still on Australian time) I scanned through the RSS feed ad discovered that Kim has decided to scare us all with ways the world can end (maybe we need a surveillance system). On a more positive note Neuroanthropology has an excellent post with losts of good references as to why the human brain is not a computer, and Neurophilosopy (my favorite science blog) has an excellent summary of his best blogs. I was lucky here in that Libraryclips did that for me some time ago (and to all Canberra course attendees I was right about the sex of the author so Ya Bo Shucks to Cory and Chris). Moving on we have the wonderful TED talk by Jill Bolte Taylor; a neuroscientist who experienced a stroke. This closely followed by MIT behavioral economist Dan Ariely providing an interesting explanation (and warning) about the attraction of Obama from Seattest. That link came from Arie Goldshlager over on Facebook

Why this sudden spate of RSS inks? Well Vienna has failed to update for over a week while I have had only wireless access to the internet. for reasons I don’t understand (any help appreciated) any wireless connection disables all my Apple specific software such as my RSS feed and blog editor. Apple Mail will send prepared emails, but attempts to reply online results in a need to use the Force Quit function, go off line, reply to emails, go online and so on. It started in South Africa and I think I may have taken an update but I can’t see anything on the Apple web site relating to the problem. Firefox works fine, Safari times out! On an ethernet connection (which I have in the hotel) everything is fine!

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