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April 21, 2010

Thanks to the volcano this week has been a bit stressful. I missed my annual trip to teach in Nice this week and until late last night my trip to the US appeared lost. The sudden change overnight was an interesting one; changing the regulations suddenly releasing all flights and a day for AA to get everything in place for my flight Thursday. To be honest I was also pleased it gives a day for many other people to fly across the Atlantic having passed through an ash cloud before I have to! At this time of the year (as the BBC happily informed me) any crash landing in the Atlantic will mean death by freezing assuming you survive the initial engine failure! So travel starts again tomorrow, out to Denver for Fort Collins, then up to Edmonton before juggling appointments in New York and Washington returning for election day in the UK. My big debate at the moment is do I fly from Calgary to Edmonton, or drive, Then if I drive do I just take the main road, or divert west via the Icefield Parkway, or east to see the Dinosaurs!

Of course, I may not get home. Anyone got good contacts in tramp steamers in case I have to work my passage home?

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