A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough

January 18, 2011

201101191159.jpg OK its probably man flu but I am feeling very very sorry for myself; compounded by the fact that when I get home on Thursday I will be cast, jet lagged and sick onto the streets as the female only book club is meeting is meeting at our house.

Given that I have needed to attend and perform at two fascinating events (more later this week) I’ve been suppressing the symptoms with an impressive array of chemicals. These range from the comfort of Beecham’s powders, to more advanced expectorants, decongestants and anti-inflamatories. The US is so much more tolerant of the hypochondriac seeking solace in pills than the UK.

Of course one should pay attention to the notices of the dangers of combining such chemicals with each other and with any hydroxyl functional group bound to a carbon atom (I am trying to impress my son who is now reading Chemistry at Warwick); needless to say I did not and suffered the consequences.

Tomorrow I fly to JFK then after a three hour layover have an overnight to the UK, hopefully normal service will be resumed at that point and you will have to work out the title of this posting for yourself.

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