and all places were alike unto him

September 5, 2008

cat1But the wildest of all the wild animals was the Cat. He walked by himself, and all places were alike to him. Those lines open The Cat that walked by himself by Rudyard Kiping. I am unashamedly a cat person, being firmly of the opinion that while dogs obey, cats are to be obeyed. I have just got back to the computer having been told in no uncertain terms that I had grooming duties (for the cat, extensive stroking, chin tickling etc. )) at home, and some hours ag,o with a different cat I undertook the same duties at a friends house. Equally I am always surprised to see a cat with a collar, both from the danger point of view (to the cat) and as it seems of form of sacrilege to the nature of cat. However in the case of the friend their two cats are also subject to radio control. The hunting cat has a collar which prevents his using the at door during key hours of daylight, while the non-hunting cat has 24/7 access programmed in. The idea i was told is to protect the birds. Now this is an interesting question of balance or harms (something I will be blogging about later this week).

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