and its still a special place.

February 10, 2011

DSC_1850.JPG It’s not often that you can return to a favorite place after many years without disappointment but I managed it today. The Inn at Whitewell was at the opposite end of the Trough of Bowland from Lancaster University but it was up there with the restaurant at Cartmel Fell and the Steak and Kebab as a special place to visit. Whitewell is more or less the Inn plus a church and few houses. The rooms are either half testers or four posters, most of the bathrooms are antique victorian and the place is quiet. I booked one of the riverside rooms (if yo go there it is worth the money) and the photograph shows the view from my window at sunset. I have an open fire in the room and a wonderful four poster bed. The bath is long enough to allow me to lie flat, and deep enough to ensure that I will drown if I attempt it. I have a Bose speaker system in the room. wonderful 19th Century prints on the wall and a library of books to choose from. There are antique weighing machines in the corridors, grandfather clocks, walls of books and some wonderful touches. The key fobs are old cricket balls! If you are anywhere in the north-west, its worth a trip and find an excuse to stay.

They no longer brew their own beer, but they still import and sell outstanding wines and the food is excellent. I settled in the bar and read a book I have to review over a meal and two pints. The fact that I got through the whole book in that time, only slowed down by scrawling various expletives with explanation marks in the margins does not bode well by the way. Its one of those books which steals the language of complexity (and a whole load of other things as well) without understanding. Back to more pleasurable things; they may not brew their own but they have Timothy Taylor’s Landlord which must be one of the top five British Beers. Drawn from the hand pump it took several minutes to settle (another good sign). Tomorrow I hunt down my various residences during University years and then take in New Lanark Mills before arriving in Glasgow in time to attend the Blues match.

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