Ariving in Santa Fe

May 16, 2010

So I finally made it to Santa Fe and the hotel is truly wonderful, I am going to regret leaving here on Monday. Its another medical conference, but the location is in complete contrast with the artificial block of the Gaylord Conference Centre in Washington where I spoke a couple of weeks ago. The photograph is the view from my balcony, to the left of the photo is the famous Lorretto chapel that I can almost reach out and touch. I have loved this place since my first visit and treasure the story teller doll I bought during the IKM meeting, not to mention the various trickster legends. I went out this morning to get a Grande Americano and discovered that there are no City Mugs for anywhere in New Mexico, just the state mug I picked up yesterday. The Starbucks in the centre of Santa Fe is however one of the best I have ever been in. Full this morning of cyclists and I am envious of their day!

I also wanted to make use of the early morning light and you can see some of the results on the Flickr stream link. More over the next two days and I plan a scenic drive back to the airport on Monday. Its a very special place, not just for the Institute but for the whole fusion culture it represents. Art as a dazzling mixture of ethic backgrounds and time. It is a deeply catholic city in its architecture and artifacts. The mountain air at 7000 feet has a purity and clarity that you don’t really get anywhere else. Enough for now, I need to iron shirts, shower and get a presentation ready for later today.

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