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September 17, 2007

When you travel a lot you get to see a lot of movies. I settled down on the flight to Hong Kong today and discovered that (i) Qantas had failed to update their list of TV comedies since I last flew with them at the end of July , and (ii) they had only added in five new movies that I had either seen or had no desire to see. So I was driven from the popular and light to the Art Movie section. Now my view of life on planes is simple: G&T, Romantic Comedy and clear down the email; all three of which seem to be confined to planes these days. So moving outside of this comfort zone was interesting. I discovered in the process two outstanding movies that I strongly recommend and which I may remember to tag on facebook.

The two are:

  1. Cashback about an art student who learns to freeze time and falls in love with Emilia Fox (well who wouldn’t). It is a romantic comedy (I have an instinct for these things) but one which was very different. The exploration of growing up, the coincidences of childhood encounters with adult experience and the art are wonderful. It is summed up by a wonderful moment when Sean Biggerstaff as the art student hero contemplates a broken pack of frozen peas on the floor of the supermarket. OK, that might put you off, but don’t let it. This is a brilliant inspired film
  2. Waitress with Keri Russell and Nathan Fillon. This is a surreal movie in execution but with a strong story line. It contrasts a pathetic husband who is magnificent in his self centered indifference with the strong through child birth wife and a supporting cast which includes a series of exotic pies (with apposite names). These act as a thread to the evolving story of infidelity, discovery and the naughty pumpkin pie moment is just one example of pies as punctuation: don’t ask go watch it.

It shows the value of breaking a routine from time to time, but I have now run out of novel options and may have to resort to sleep (which is elusive) or a repeat of Apollo 13. I just hope Qantas change their schedule before I fly back to the UK from Perth next week.

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