Aug 15th: Monterey & Big Sur (Jellyfish)

August 16, 2007

79 miles driven, 81 photographs taken, 3 Americano Grandes (back in civilisation) drunk, 0 Starbucks City Mugs acquired, injuries improved …

Accomodation: Comfort Inn, Monterey (still OK)

Picture: One of the highlights in Monterey is the Aquarium, not just for the sea otters, but especially for the Jellyfish. I forgot to make a note of the type, but these were among the more exotic.

Between Palm Springs and Monterey I was on new ground, discovering places I knew of but had never visited. Now I am back on familiar territory for the last few days of the holiday, introducing Huw to places I have known for some years. The thrill of being on Cannery Row is lost on someone who has not yet read Steinbeck, but the Aquarium was a big hit. I have been there on most of my visits and it is one of the best in the world. The day started with breakfast at First Awakenings and proceeded via the Aquarium, Borders and a scenic drive on Highway 1 to eat Ambrosiaburgers overlooking the Pacific at Nepenthe. The afternoon was spent on that neglected, and unsignposted treasure Pfeiffer Beach.

Getting back too late to manage sunset on 17 mile drive (that will now witnessed at Half Moon Bay tomorrow) we picked up on a movie, seeing the recently released Stardust. Both of us highly recommend this, with the screen play by Neil Gaimen from his original book. Michelle Pfeiffer enjoys every minute of her role as the evil witch queen Larnia but the move is stolen by Robert De Niro as Captain Shakespeare, the drag pirate captain concerned about his reputation. If this is a success, maybe someone will take on American Gods, Gaimen best novel todate.

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