Aug 17th: San Francisco (The Golden Gate Bridge)

August 18, 2007

8 miles driven (well why would you drive in San Francisco, 83 photographs taken, 3 Americano Grandes drunk, 0 Starbucks City Mugs acquired

Accomodation: Quality Inn, San Francisco Airport (second night and its still fine, but I have to sit in reception to get wireless which is irritating, especially when you want to listen to Wales V Argentina)

Picture: It’s difficult to avoid a stereotype so I decided not to bother, and chose the Golden Gate Bridge over the Cable Car, but with a non-conventional shot. Nothing like the sea otters yesterday, and I did think of the sea lions on Pier 39 as an alternative, but you will have to find those on Flickr

Well if yesterday was one of the highlights, this was a lowlight. The public transport system is excellent in San Francisco but after that things started to break down. Firstly, there are no Charmed Tours! If this was England, San Francisco would now have its own equivalent of Catherine Cookson Land with organised bus tours around the main sites. Secondly it is more difficult to get into Alcatraz as a tourist that it was to get out of it as a prisoner, tours were booked to the middle of next week. Thirdly, the line for the cable car is an hour at either end, Fourthly Fisherman’s Quay is a rip off and finally, never ever go to see a film without checking the reviews first.

OK the cable car trip (after the wait was OK). Yes we got on a Story of Alcatraz tour which went near, but did not land. The boat trip lacked any real information however. Despite being billed as providing the history (and the secrets) of Alcatraz, what we got was a fake Captain Nemo – Why Nemo? – with some poor actors reciting trivia supplemented by cliche.

In the evening we decided to rescue the day and went to the Movies to see Last Legion. We reasoned that anything with Colin Firth, Ben Kingsley (plus various other bit parts by members of the RSC) could not be too bad. However we were wrong. Ben Kingsley should not attempt a welsh accent, Colin Firth is not made for source and sorcery and the history was terrible. One of the most inchoerent, disjointed films I have seen in a long time. Only partially redeemed (on looks not dialogue) by Aishwarya Rai. It wasn’t even bad enough to be a good-bad film

Tomorrow we have the best part of a 500 mile drive on the last full day of the tour, two more What I did on my summer holiday blog posts to go before normal service is returned. Expect some major new announcements next week ……

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