Australasia on the horizon

January 18, 2014

I slept in this morning, catching ip after a difficult couple of weeks.  It was good last night to get the wood burner going in the sitting room and settle in with a curry to watch television, enjoying the new Sky high definition box (well worth the investment) and satisfying the cat's need for attention.  This morning I had to sort out options on flights to Israel and Sydney/Auckland which are coming up in a couple of weeks time.   I'll be flying Gulf Air I think – not seen the booking yet, but they are new members of One World and its a pretty direct flight and half the price of the majors.  Layovers in Perth if anyone wants an airport meeting!  Always interesting to try out a new airline.

Still places on the Sydney course by the way and its likely the last I will teach in Australasia this year, not the last we will run.  I'll be introducing some new material on crisis management (post my Toronto experiences) and the new domain models for Cynefin are more advanced and taught on day two.   As things have worked out I now have a day free in New Zealand so watch for announcements as we are looking to set up some events if we can – open to ideas/hosts etc. if anyone out there is interesting.   I also plan a walk or two in Sydney and Auckland/Wellington if I can make the time and will have to watch Ireland-Wales in Sydney (mind you last time we got a Grand Slam so that is a good omen).

So that complete I now head down the M4 to watch the last Heineken Cup appearance of the Blues and then up to a Rhondda Valley pub for the night before a planned walk around Sinc Giedd and Bannau Sir Gaer tomorrow.  The weather forecast is good and I need to seize the day whenever I get a chance.  I'm keeping to my minimal exercise resolution regardless of the email backlog although that is reducing and I should get to clear stuff in the pub tonight and tomorrow morning.  Then I get a few days at home next week to generally get things sorted.   One trip to Amsterdam and then to the Lake District at the end of the week to celebrate my wife's 60th Birthday, although it will be torture for me as it will not involve any climbing!

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