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October 20, 2011

A ten city tour for the ACS Education Across the Nation programme on Strategic Knowledge

The tour starts this weekend and I’ve summarised the trip below. In addition to the ACS evening lecture tour I’ll be running the new one day Cynefin Seminar in a more limited set of venues. Melbourne has already sold out for the seminar programme and Brisbane will close shortly. Sydney and Canberra have more flexibility. I’m working at the moment on a possible pilot seminar on Complexity based approaches to AGILE/LEAN for those communities in Sydney and/or Brisbane. Any one interested or with ideas about that please let me know.

I’m also running some private sessions but there are some slots open if anyone is interests – paid work and/or support for network members take priority but I’m more than open to academic lectures etc. Also happy to meet people for coffee, breakfast etc. etc.

On the ACS programme, the organisers have decided to make a sponsorship opportunity for each lecture so if anyone is interested in them, make contact. It provides a post lecture dinner for clients etc. If you would like more information, please contact Liane Taylor on 1800 626 029 or email Non-members are welcome at the ACS events by the way.

So for anyone interested the agenda is as follows:

22 Oct Arrive Adelaide
26 Oct ACS lecture Adelaide
27 Oct Morning flight to Sydney
ACS lecture Sydney
28 Oct Cynefin Seminar Sydney
29 Oct morning flight to Bogota (no I am not joking)
2 Nov Return to Sydney
Research seminar at University followed by dinner
3 Nov Mid morning flight to Darwin
ACS Lecture Darwin
4-5 Nov Break with camera in national parks etc.
6 Nov Midday flight to Canberra via Brisbane
7 Nov Australian government event Canberra
ACS Lecture Canberra
8 Nov Cynefin seminar Canberra
9 Nov Morning flight to Melbourne
ACS Lecture Melbourne
10 Nov Cynefin Seminar Melbourne
11 Nov Various meetings Melbourne but time free
Evening flight to Hobart
12-13 Nov Planning trip to Port Arthur and the market etc.
14 Nov ACS Lecture BREAKFAST in Hobart
15 Nov Morning flight to Perth
ACS Lecture Perth
17 Nov Leave midday for evening ACS Lecture in Bunbury
19 Nov Playing tourist again
20 Nov Early morning flight to Brisbane
21 Nov Some meetings in Brisbane, but time free
22 Nov Private seminar in the morning
ACS Lecture Brisbane
23 Nov Cynefin seminar Brisbane
24 Nov Afternoon drive to ACS Lecture in Toowoomba
25 Nov Morning seminar for QKM in Brisnane
26 Nov Final tourist day
27 Nov Fly to Singapore

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