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It is funny, when we think about networks, we think about groups, communities, systems, and other complex collections of interacting entities. Yet, the most popular social network metrics are “individual centralities”! Who is the most connected? Who is the best connected? Who is the hub? Who is the influencer? Who spans the most structural holes […]
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Initially Dave and I each wrote a post around what see as important to discuss in the upcoming Exploratory.  Part of what we are doing here is sense-making and now I am going to make sense of what David wrote and start a conversation on those topics. Social and Organizational Network Analysis (SNA/ONA) Reading through […]
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Complex human systems, such as organizations, communities or economies, can be modeled as networks. Network nodes can represent system components, while system interactions, such as flows of knowledge, influence, information or relationship, can be represented by symmetric or asymmetric network links. When “networks” are mentioned, many people assume that a network means that everyone is […]
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About the Cynefin Company

The Cynefin Company (formerly known as Cognitive Edge) was founded in 2005 by Dave Snowden. We believe in praxis and focus on building methods, tools and capability that apply the wisdom from Complex Adaptive Systems theory and other scientific disciplines in social systems. We are the world leader in developing management approaches (in society, government and industry) that empower organisations to absorb uncertainty, detect weak signals to enable sense-making in complex systems, act on the rich data, create resilience and, ultimately, thrive in a complex world.

Cognitive Edge Ltd. & Cognitive Edge Pte. trading as The Cynefin Company and The Cynefin Centre.

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