Blue faced Leicester

September 23, 2008

bluefaced_leicesterMy Google alert on Cynefin came up with a couple of interesting links this morning. One was to the success of Brenda and Dewi Williams whose Bluefaced Leicester ram sold for an all time record of 17,000 Guineas. That’s £17,850 by the way and I love the fact that livestock still uses coinage which went out of circulation in 1816, its a delightful quirk. The more directly relevant link was to this blog by Brad Hinton describing a recent Cynefin workshop that he ran with our training partner in Australia Emerging Options. Brad went on the Accreditation Course last July and its nice to see how he put the learning into action.

Technorati then spewed out a whole set of references some going back days I am getting really fed up of Technorati by the way, its a really useful service but its so inconsistent in its updates and the presentation layer seems to change weekly and is really badly designed. If it wasn’t so useful I would get rid of it. Some of those were from the start of a week of conference blogs (expect a few a day from me) here and at the conference blog for KM World. I’ve been coming to KM World as a keynote for many years now, and both the location and the people are old friend. This year I have four sessions in all, including the closing keynote.

Last night I did a session on sharing KM Failure, helped by Michael and Craig where we used Future Backwards to get people thinking about the history of KM (we will publish some of the results later in the week). There is a great summary here by Jay Cross and a as it happened log from Michael Sampson. Earlier in the day Mary Boone and I ran a whole day event on Leadership and Strategy, then whisked off for an early meal and wonderful conversation with David Sibbet (expect more on his work) before returning for the KM failure event. Mary wanted to introduce us as we had both featured in her book Managing Inter@ctively. The meal with David was in Buck’s of Woodside, an iconic Valley location which more than lived up to its reputation – I just wish I had taken the camera!

Continuing the Technorati catch up, John Tropea continues to provide living proof of the importance of Librarians with a great summary of material on trust. That will also lead you to John’s insightful posts of KM 2.0 and other matters. Tonight I am going for a meal with Dave Pollard and others (the conversation will be pod cast) so it was interesting to see the way in which Geoff Brown had linked Dave Pollard’s Sweet Spot idea with complexity through a rather interesting Metaphor.

Harold Jarche picked up on my concern about Wikipedia’s Masters of the Universe. Interestingly mineand others protest about that was subject to deletion and discussion on the Administrators Notice Board, an a more comprehensive set of exchanges including Jimbo himself (who does not come out well from this in my opinion, sounding somewhat petulant at times) can be found here.

Returning to complexity Andy Mulholland refernces the HBR article and complexity work at some length here. I might take some issue with him on the use of system-focused to describe my work and while I have huge respect for Brenda Dervin and she has been a massive influence I don’t think that I am focused on her sense-making techniques. Other than those two minor points its a really useful post with lots of good links.

An interesting haul that shows the connectivity that is possible these days. Now to breakfast, a day of conference blogging and a public session in which Mary plans to put me on the spot in an interview in front of the KM section of the conference.

Oh, finally back to the title of this blog and for Rugby affectionados only; I really hope we see a lot of Bluefaced Leicester this year, the more disappointment they get the better. May they play like ham-stringed sheep …..

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