Boston KM forum: live blog

October 1, 2007

OK, I have never done this before but I thought I might try out blogging during a conference. I am sitting here in Bentley College which is the host for a Boston KM Forum event: I am speaking in the afternoon. The Forum has brought together a lot of the main players from the old IBM Institute of Knowledge Management (we are only really missing Larry Prusak and Rob Cross which is a pity) more or less a decade after it became a road-victem of an IBM attempt to consolidate thought leadership (something they never understood as they wanted to engineer it)

The major theme here is Knowledge Management – Current Directions and from the introductions today we have a broad range of people from inhouse people to a large number of independent consultants (where most of the old CKOs have now gone). Its going to be interesting, especially as I finally arrived at my hotel at 0300 this morning, roughtly 27 hours after I left a hotel in Paris the previous day.

The first speaker up is Kate Ehrich who used to be a part of the Lotus Institute and has done pioneering work on expert location over several years. She is still in IBM and talking about her work. If anyone else here is on line you can find me in facebook …..

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