Bring your own Barrel Party

October 23, 2010

For those interested, in combination with Narrate and others in the UK Network I am presenting two half day sessions on recent and planned projects using SenseMaker®. It will be at the QEII Conference Centre right in the heart of Westminster, It will be a chance to see how the approach works in practice and is a good pre-sales opportunity for network members who want to bring along a client or prospect.

So if you are civil servant who wants to learn how to radically reduce that research/survey budget while increasing value come along! If you want to learn the latest on scalable (and I emphasise that word) narrative approaches to knowledge management and learning this is also for you. I’ll also be covering some of the latest thinking on attitudinal measurement (health and safety, ethics etc.). Other subjects will include human terrain mapping (cultural audits for the non-military reader) and

This is the day before the annual Elizabethan rite designed to institutionalize religious prejudice by means of a fabrication by the way. However well deserved, an expotition (no I have not spelt it incorrectly, you just didn’t read the right books as a child) to try and institute a restoration of all that is right and proper will not be organised to the basement of the building just across the square. If you want to do that then bring your own barrel.

Details and registration via Narrate here along with more details of the agenda.

To be clear this is not a training session! If you want that then there are still a couple of places left on the London accreditation session details here.

Tomorrow I am out to Seattle and San Francisco to run the one day Complexity and Strategy workshop. Meeting up with old friends as well and an in house seminar on Monday for Boeing on Systems Health. Details of the seminars here.

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