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January 4, 2012

DSCN1477.jpgThis is a picture of the motley crew mentioned in yesterday’s post after a solid days work and a rather good cheese fondu. We spent the day working on a Cynefin, Agile, Lean Mashup; hence CALM, we added ALPHA to the hash tag for the first event. We all saw our meeting as the first part of a process and we wanted to do this from different backgrounds of deep expertise. Too much in this whole arena involves one individual with one piece of the jigsaw and a superficial understanding of the rest.

It was a very good day in terms of the quality of the conversation and the insights gained. It helped me complete the first iteration of a sub-Cynefin model dealing with aspects of the complex domain of Cynefin – which I will post shortly. It came out of the early part of the conversation where we were running through key concepts and I listed the 3Cs that I thought were key to this particular field. They were:

  • Coherence: the degree to which any need or requirement is structured/defined/understood
  • Coalescence: the level of fragmentation of the requirement and connectivity between fragments.
  • Convergence: the degree to which different interest groups agree on the needs and nature of what is needed

Now that provides both two and three dimension model which overlaps with the complex domain of Cynefin and its horizontal and vertical boundaries. I’m playing around with that in terms of representation and content and will post shortly.

For the moment, the next step in #CALMalpha is going to be a two day mashup at a rather nice location close to Heathrow airport on the 16-17th February. Not as pretty as Switzerland (see below) but good nevertheless. We’re working out costs today/tomorrow and it will be up for booking shortly. Early booking recommended – I’ll post and tweet the details as soon as they are available.


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