Change? - will that be 30p then?

April 26, 2010

Well where do we go from here – a phrase we are hearing all around us in the UK as politicians attempt to get our votes; meanwhile at a more practical level I am finding the business of goverment grinding to a halt as the uncertainty of outcome make for inertia and second guessing. Pollsters think they are probing the complex space with their attempts to see what swings are happening and the TV debates new to our elections provide further dynamics to what some fear will be the Chaos of a hung parliament that is one where no party has an overall majority. How ever they comfort themselves by saying this would result in another election within six months because once the effects of this (Chaotic space) are felt people will seek a return to certainty within the complex or will it be just the complicated – leadersip may be the way out by choosing the leader best able rather than the party, but perhaps far more interesting is who is being led especially with large numbers now requesting voting rights via the new online registrations. Exploring any topic using Cynefin is always useful and provocative as we shall see………………..

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