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February 6, 2008

Further to my earlier post I hunted down the actual figures. In the 2005 General Election in the UK, according to the Electoral Commission, the total spent was as follows: £41m spent by the political parties, £1.7m by third parties such as campaign groups and £14m by individual candidates. It is worth remembering the expenditure is limited. £41m comes out at around US$80m. The UK population is 60m so the spend her head is $1.34. The US population is 303m so at the same ratio the spend should be $404m. As far as I can see the first quarter primary fundraising alone produced $90m so I would imagine that the 404m will easily be exceeded in the primary season alone for the main candidates, before we hit the election. Anyone know the total spend on a US election? I am interested what proportion it would be of a viable free health system.

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