Cycles of ‘changes’

October 15, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I realised that I was going to run out of clothes shortly.  Weight loss means that the classic trousers falling down sketch from Brian Rix et. al is becoming a cyclical experience.  I am now down to 96kg over 21kg lost since May with another 14kg to go.  One of the consequences of this is that I have been moving through my wardrobe.  Here my squirrel tendencies have come into their own and I have been taking down clothes stored in the loft every few weeks.  It means that as of a week or so ago I was wearing a suit I bought ten years ago in Wellington (IBM insisted I wear one) that I have not been able to wear for the last five years.   As of a week ago it needed a belt and possibly braces to avoid unexpected descent to my ankles as of now it is just too much.  I know have a Rohan suit I bought 15 years ago which I never wore (pride meant it was too small) which will last a week or so at best it is already loose.

The local charity shop has benefited from this as every few weeks they get a black plastic bag of good quality material.  My wife and I fell out when she suggested that I might want to keep some just in case.  For me disposing is also making a declaration about a journey.   Today was an inflection point in that I had nothing to move down to so a couple of weeks ago (to return to my opening paragraph) I ordered a new set of basics at a 38″ waist which means going back 20 years.  They just fitted which greatly cheered my day and they should last a month or so with belts of increasing importance.   Mind you it is getting harder to maintain loss and the feedback look of calorie counting apps and Fitbit is key.  If I can fit into a 36″ waist by Christmas then I am back to University days.

This also links to my blog of yesterday.  Loosing weight is not just about self-esteem, combined with exercise it has a definite cognitive impact.  OK I am also becoming a diet and fitness bore for which I sort of apologise.  But several people have asked for an update so will do so every month or so.  Key date coming up is a three month blood test ….

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