June 24, 2022

The Cynefin Co are delighted to announce that Dave Snowden and Beth Smith will be in Australia and New Zealand in July and August 2022, for a series of events and workshops, hosted in partnership with the Cynefin Centre Australia and Complexability

After a long hiatus from global travel, we are looking forward to reconnecting to our communities in Australia and New Zealand. Highlights include large systemic inquiries into broad-based community engagement, citizen engagement and sustainability, aged and vulnerable care, human-centred design thinking (including Agile) and the EU Field Guide for leading in complexity and crisis. 

The launch of our new hexi kits, and exciting new developments in methods, make this a great time to connect in person – and a series of workshops, masterclasses and meet-ups will offer diverse opportunities to engage. Our entangled, sub-themes include the following, with key events highlighted: 


Aligned to the central theme of community and citizen engagement in the design and improvement of services and processes, a series of symposiums, workshops and collaborative explorations are planned around the theme of building community engagement, resilience and collective sense-making, incorporating multiple perspectives and approaches. 

OXFAM/Catholic Relief Services Book Launch – 4 August, TBC. (invitation only) Join us to celebrate the launch of the newly-released OXFAM and Catholic Relief Service publication The Learning Power of Listening: A Practical Guide for Using SenseMaker.  

Local Self Reliance: A Likely Future Landscape for Australian Communities? 9 August 2022, Sydney. Can social cohesion prevail where Government is found wanting? What is the new landscape of community activity and government services?

Collective Sense-Making: Multiple Methods, Multiple Perspectives – 16 August 2022, Brisbane. Experience ways of collectively making sense of the world in order to act in it, through a range of processes that weave Indigenous knowledges, complexity and complex facilitation approaches.

Cynefin Retreat: Innovation in community engagement. 17 – 20 August 2022, Scenic Rim area, Qld. Explore innovation in community engagement, the discovery of lived experiences and how that insight is taken into account in design, in this residential deep-dive retreat. This flagship event represents the culmination of the thread throughout the trip, weaving inputs from previous events together. 


The events and developments of the past three years have created both challenges, opportunities and affordances to change the way we think about and manage key organisational processes, including strategy, organisational development, change and learning. 

Masterclass: EU Field Guide and Strategy – 27 & 28 July 2022, Canberra – Explore a new participative approach to strategy, sense-making and innovation to adapt to and thrive within rapidly changing contexts. Discover and map where you are, what isn’t going to change and what possibilities exist.

New ways of thinking: Organisational Development through a complexity lens2 August 2022 (morning only), now online. Move away from dated mental models and mindsets, to unlock new complexity-appropriate approaches to organisational development and change.  

Change and Complexity in Learning Conference – UNISA. 19 & 20 July 2022, Adelaide.  Attending the UNISA conference? Don’t miss Dave’s keynote and the opportunity to explore the complex relationship between human and artificial cognition and how it changes society, knowledge, teaching and learning. 

Facilitating complex sense-making and Hexi Kits: Practitioner Workshop. 23 August 2022, Brisbane. Explore the dynamics of facilitating collective sense-making, using complex facilitation practices and the new Cynefin Hexi kits in this interactive hands-on workshop. 

Foundations in sense-making and Cynefin, 25 August 2022, Wellington. Foundations programmes offer an introduction to the eco-system of all things complexity, Cynefin and sense-making. Explore core frameworks and methods as well as the latest developments. 


The more general theme of participative design processes is extended in a series of events aimed at the design and Agile communities (broadly defined!), looking at how a more complex, emergent and participative approach can increase innovation, resilience and utility in design and development of various forms. 

Masterclass: Rewilding AGILEWed August 3 & Thurs August 4 2022, (mornings only), now virtual. This Masterclass picks up on the theme of Rewilding AGILE, reflecting on new developments and tools in the past year in the context of a multi-methods, multi-tools ecosystem. 

Engaging with complexity – Cynefin for Simulations and Games – 10 August 2022, Sydney (PM). Join Simulation Australasia, Cynefin Co and Complexability for an exploration of the possibilities of Cynefin, AI and simulation…

Masterclass: Design practices for a complex world – 11 & 12 August 2022, Sydney.  Explore innovative approaches to engage with the lived experiences of a broad range of users/communities and design truly novel solutions. A collaboration with Dave Snowden and Cameron Tonkinwise. 


Tickets for all events are on sale at  

We look forward to welcoming you to one or more of these events! Please contact with any questions, or if you would like to attend more than one event. 

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