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February 6, 2011

201102070802.jpg I’ve been working over the last three months on a new approach to strategy using the Cynefin framework. While we have had always had methods for this, and many people have used Cynefin its not always been clear how to roll it out. So I have changed the complexity seminar to focus on a walk through of a generic approach to strategy based on complexity thinking. It will be method based so all the material is or will be open source and we have kept the very competitive pricing for a C level seminar and we have the normal discounts for block bookings and people who want to “repeat”.

It is generic as well, the approach can work for organisational strategy, marketing, IT, project etc. etc. The nice thing about complexity approaches is that they are a lot less “heavy” than traditional strategy approaches. Once you have the basics you can apply it in many different situations and the approach scales. To come back to one of my favorite metaphors, this is not a recipe, but it is a series of objects that can then be assembled and adapted in different combinations to deal with a specific context

The seminars will be strictly limited in numbers, far too many people to my mind advertise a seminar but then deliver a large class lecture. They will also take place on three continents including the first ever Cognitive Edge event in Germany, and on my birthday at that.

9th March Singapore
14th March Amsterdam
15th March London
21st March Halifax, NS
1st April Frankfurt
6th April Helsinki
7th April Stockholm
8th April Copenhagen
12th April Atlanta
18th April Washington DC
21st April Dallas
26th April Chicago
29th April Vancouver
2nd May San Jose, CA

The seminar is available in house either as a stand alone event, or broken into a series of events to allow it to be combined with an actual engagement. That can be run by several people in Cognitive Edge so its not dependent on my availability. There are also options using SenseMaker® which allow for more extended programmes.

The various events with individual brochures can be found here  and we also have an all dates brochure which can be distributed which I will load later

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