dark and small in stature

August 1, 2008

You know how it is, you go into the Dentist on Wednesday morning and in consequence take delivery of the German Invasion Plans for the British Isles 1940 on the Friday.

Just to make it clear, my dentist is not a secret Nazi although she does have that universal ability of the profession to ask you difficult questions while your mouth is open and full of instruments and half numbed. My mothers dentist was a Conservative councillor and enjoyed her six monthly visits (she was a Labour councillor) as the only occasion where he ever got the better of her verbally. I think a lot of people go into dentistry simply to command conversations. Either way to come back to the point, while waiting to enter the presence I was thumbing through a magazine and came across an advert for said plans, a translation by the The Bodleian Library from the original text.

In respect of the Welsh I learn that unlike the bright English they are dark and small in stature. Other contrasts with the English who are described as Nordic! Further that Radical political aspirations are confined to narrow circles and are of no practical significance. Well the coal fields of Wales were a hot bed of radical thinking. The Labour Party was on the right, with a strong Communist presence so they got that wrong. Interestingly the maps of London are artillery ones which makes the intent clear. All in all an interesting little book, not sure it was worth the money, but worth a read.

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