Desultory Day

January 4, 2014

I had a gentle day, the rain was such as to discourage a walk.  I had no conference calls, no commitments other than the normal backlog of work.  Saturday has the advantage that it is not Friday or Sunday.  That may seem obvious, but on Friday people are still working and expect you to do things.  On Sunday, Monday is immanent with its attendant duties.  On Saturday however you can always take the I'll get round to that tomorrow approach to any deadline.   Also some days you just need to do nothing.   I spend a few hours sorting out the study, or at least getting it to the point where the carpet was visible and the piles of papers on the desk had a degree of coherence to them.   

Desultory is defined as lacking a plan, purpose, or enthusiasm and there is a negative overtone to that which I don't like.  We all need some days with purpose and lack of enthusiasm is no bad thing from time to time.   I got to cook a decent meal and spend time with the cat watching Kevin Spacy in House of Cards (for the first time).  I did some planning for the Round Wales walk which may end up as 60@60 plus 10, to wit, I may get the coastal path done in sixty days, but have to add ten for Offas Dyke path.  That lacks symmetry so I am looking at it again to see if I can get a few 20+ mile days in to get the walking dates back to my years on this earth.  Above all I gave the cat the attention she demands.

I need some more days like this, but I can't see any coming up in the diary so I have made the most of it. Maybe it should be a new national holiday in Q1 post Christmas.  Then we could add a national day of Indolence in Q2, Sloth in Q3 finishing off with Languor in Q4?


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