Do you believe in doughnuts?

December 7, 2009

I was assailed at the airport the other day with a diabolically difficult choice, Dunkin Doughnuts, Crispy Creams, the ones that sit in the coffee shop casements looking a bit dry and unloved or those strange little dry ones that someone is making for you whist you wait and that they dip in very tantalising cinnamon sugar. It became very stressful, the choice I mean. Well there were the calories to consider, the size, the minimum number you had to purchase, whether to have coffee or hot chocolate with, whether to buy some to take home for later when you are absolutely certain you will only throw them out.

So, I looked around for something that might stimulate my taste but more than the doughnuts, MacDonald’s and Hungry Jacks somehow failed to move me, noodles was not what I needed, the confectionary bars looked only vaguely tempting.

I made one last sortie past the ‘these are the most expensive chocolates you will ever get the opportunity to but here at the airport with no one watching what obscene range of near flawless sweet and fattening things you could wish for.

In the end I walked up and down the causeway about 10 times before my flight was called and felt a surge of virtue at my self-control, specially as I had walked past Crispy Crème’s at least 5 times.

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