Don’t Panic ….

September 26, 2006

2012 was not a good year for London to win the Olympics. Did no one think to check the Mayan Calender before wasting all that money on the bid? Of course its useful to know that there are 6 years and 88 days to the end of the world. It may be news to many of you, but you have been warned. Of course those of us who live in Wiltshire, UK have known of this for some time. The Aliens regularly communicate us through crop circles: so much more convenient than taking drugs or dreaming, as the evidence is there for all to see for some time. Two years ago we got a Mayan one only ten minutes walk from where I live. After seeing this how can you not believe? A clear warning and as good an excuse as I know to retire from the village cricket team in order to prepare. Hitchhikers Guide or Dad’s Army; to take up a towel or a bayonet? I don’t know where to turn.

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