Emergency landing

March 11, 2016

I was involved in a emergency landing today, we lost one engine and had to return post haste to the airport. A report here gives some of the details and I’ve shared my tweet stream for the record below. It is the fifth time I’ve been involved in an emergency landing that could have gone wrong, the first time we’ve lost an engine. As you can see I wasn’t wild about the lack of an upgrade and the prospect of not getting much work done. In ten years I have never not been upgraded, but this week the count is now up to three and likely to be four by Sunday. Not so bad since I have lost weight, but the lack of sleep will build.

To get to the point. Shortly after we took off there were some massive bumps that appeared to come from the top of the plane. The Stewardess (I was in economy on a bulkhead so she was five feet away) was either thrown out or, or leapt out of her seat and screamed for some minutes. Not impressive that but I was mentally trying to work out how serious it was. The Captain said nothing which is always a bad sign, it means they are focused on solving the problem. We started to turn more or less straight away which is another bad sign and there was a lot of noise from the engine. The good news was that we didn’t appear to be dumping fuel as the plane was still heavy so the pilot obviously expected a safe landing and I relaxed. The more you travel the more you pick up …..

After we landed there was the normal mess of getting deplaned and they trying to get rescheduled. I was impressed with the Heathrow Airport staff who got things sorted and told AA staff (who were panicking as the queues grew) what to do and generally calmed things down.



Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 10 Hillingdon, England
No sign of an upgrade from
American Airlines yet so I am sticking up on. G&T BEFORE LHR-ORD-AUS tomorrow

Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 11 Hillingdon, England
Is it evil to prayer for three people to. It’s their connections so you can get an upgrade? #moderndilllemas

Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 11 Hillingdon, England
Ah well everyone checked in. Negative impact on productivity in clearing emails and key task I’m afraid. First time in a decade it hasn’t

Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 11 Hillingdon, England
It gets worse. Old plane with lighter socket power so I only have battery life available. Bugger had several critical tasks scheduled
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Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 11 Hillingdon, England
Well that was fun massive crashing noise on top of plane after take off. Just completed emergency landing

Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 11 Hillingdon, England
Ah bird strike right engine another story for the ‘near miss’ catalogue

Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 11 Hounslow, England
Maybe we get a bigger plane I get my upgrade and the bird did not die in vain? #evilthoughts

Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 11 Hillingdon, England
Remote stand. Never good news ….

Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 11 Hillingdon, England
Immediate long queues for toilets when seat belt sign goes off. 😀

Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 11 Hillingdon, England
Interestingly (and not impressive) only person to scream was a stewardess. Deplaning

Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 11 Hillingdon, England
Booking queue. LHR staff doing well organising things for American

Dave Snowden ‏@snowded Mar 11 Hillingdon, England
Now on United via Houston terminal switch very late arrival

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