England 19 Wales 26

February 2, 2008

_44400166_byrne_203One of the greatest turnarounds in Rugby history, England were 16-6 up at half time and should have been more. I was glad I was leaving the country early Monday morning but not now! The most pragmatic substitutes as well, most of us thought that Shankin and Jenkins should have been there from the start, and their coming on two minutes into the second half made all the difference. 20 unaswered points in 13 minutes, then we closed the match down. Hook took out three players to release Byrne (see photo) for the first try in a move which was good enough to win man of the match in its own right. He was man of the match last year as well. The stress is far higher watching it at home and the carpet was worn in the last five minutes. We held the English for 28 years before they finally beat us in Cardiff; 20 years they held us but that is now over.

and for the record, the second try …

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