Ennui & its consequences

April 11, 2007

The danger with wireless access is that if you get bored its easy to catch up on email and RSS feeds. Its also a defense when people confuse complicated with complex systems and attempt equilibrium state solutions when we are meant to be exploring the power of moving issue or problems far from equilibrium so that we can use the power of self-organisation and emergence to develop novel approaches. A consequence of this mix of boredom and frustration is that I fell into temptation and switched on the Powerbook. Happily surfing I came accross these contrasting entires. Firstly an excellent and thoughtful peice on Thinking Shift which provides an intelligent criticism of Gladwell’s Blink; well I agree with it so it is excellent and thoughtful!. Secondly and in contrast yet another unthinking use of the strawman fallacy in respect of religion from a normally intelligent source. Courtesy of Euan for the latter reference and he seems to be making a habit of picking up on this sort of unthinking tirade. I earlier referenced several intelligent criticisms of this form of fundamentalist (in the religious sense) atheism. I find it ironic that the attack on a proposed intolerance is carried out with the language of intolerance

On the positive side I have fixed the flow chart on Getting started in KM so I can now finish writing that and will post tomorrow.

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