Environment, Ecology and The Point?

November 30, 2009

I notice as I read other people’s blogs, that I am essentially an antisocial creature, not necessarily a total disadvantage in my job, but not encouraging for normally extraverted or social creatures. So, on the subject of the Environment the capital ‘E’ type, I have recently been distracted by the political gibberish associated with the Carbon Emissions Trading Scheme and have begun to wonder how totally isolated I may have become.
It seems to me that Homo sapiens are just another prolific species inhabiting the planet. Clearly one of the fastest growing and resource hungry, but, we are just another species, and perhaps also the most destructive, by way of our ability to think and create and modify our environment, with a small ‘e’.
As I listen to the debate, I wonder how many people actually understand the magnitude of our consumption, our decimation of our planet, the impact of our population growth and the probable inevitability of our destruction of the necessary resources for our survival.
But, then I also wonder whether that isn’t actually the point of homo sapiens; our job might well be to consume resources faster than we can reproduce them, because, the planet will finally die, or wipe us out, and maybe the only hope is that, realising there is no future here, we will have to find another home, off earth!
Hmmm… I hear you mutter, another nutter!
Well, perhaps, but I listen to the intensity of the ETS debate, think about the futility of Australia being in any significant way able to manipulate the emissions and other ‘stuff’ we contribute to the planets grubbying up process and wonder why we don’t either stop thinking that more is better, more population, more spending and manufacturing ‘stuff’ and buying and … and just get on with our lives and let some really smart and creative people get on with finding a way off ‘spaceship earth’.
But then, perhaps, being hysterical about the Ecological decimation does give a lot of people something to spend their time on, and after all, we are all simply filling in time till we die, aren’t we? Except for them as is trying to help us live forever! (good luck with that aspiration). Phill Boas

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