Fog in channel, England cut off

December 31, 2009

200912311843.jpg I had a long Skype conversation with Ulrike Reinhard this afternoon. I met Ulrike for the first time in Frankfurt earlier this year following an introduction from Peter Schuett. We have some great conversations then and its continued since. In this case its recorded and you can watch it here. I should say that this is a future of the world type talk. The subjects range from complexity to the role of religion and new forms of government. Throughout I emphasis something that I am increasingly convinced of, which is that within Europe we have to become European to provide some alternative to the Empires of the USA and China. Not they are wrong per se, but they are different. European social welfare provision with, in the main, free at the point of entry health care; an acceptance of a broad spectrum of political opinion and many others aspects of a culture that has much to offer the world.

So this is me, as me, nothing to do with Cognitive Edge policy as I am sure my colleagues may disagree with me. Hopefully you will find it useful or at least interesting. The heading by the way is an amendment of the famous 1940’s newspaper heading in the UK which read: Fog in Channel: Continent cut off. One of the key necessities in the next decade is that the English (the Welsh and Scots from opinion polls have made the choice) commit to Europe, or maybe as an alternative become the 51st State. If you want a real insight into how that might happen, and a good laugh in the process read Peter Preston’s wonderful satire 51st State . It may be dystopian, or utopian depending on your point of view but it will lighten the mood.

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