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July 25, 2006

Right, its time to get started. We have now closed down so you have have redirected from there. We have a reasonable amount of methods up and available with more coming soon. Papers are up to-date although I have to annotate them. Welcome!

I am writing this from the departure lounge at Heathrow en route to a three month sabbatical in Singapore during which I have to finish the book! For those interested we are gathering in case studies of the use of the methods for that book, and also getting ready to produce the field guide (Gary will edit that) to come out afterwards with all the material coming from practitioners. Expect to see some preliminary chapters up for comment shortly.
I am new to blogs, although not to commenting on blogs! I have a nasty feeling that my role on those blogs and also yahoo discussion groups as the “curmudgeon” or as the boy who says that the emperor has no clothes is about to be turned back on me but so be it. In thinking about this I realised that I regularly check three blogs. Euan Semple fomerlly of the BBC and now social computing guru, Anecdote in Australia and Green Chameleon in Singapore. Euan is the exemplar for me of the personal blog – erudite comments, often spontaneous on a range of issues with a broad number of participants and links. Anecdote is the best example I know (and a pioneer) of using a blog to establish a cohesive identity as an organisation and give the magpie tendencies of all three members of Anecdote (that was a complement guys) is a constant source of references and links. Green Chameleon which has followed the Anecdote line posts less frequently and mixes eloquent discourse supplemented by high comedy (their Germanic cross dressing professor now provides internet advice on many issues).
Now we did think of distinguishing my personal blog from the Cognitive Edge one. However that seemed a mistake. So the idea now is to mix personal comments, polemic and serious discussion. It would be great if people would comment, especially in the early days so that I can get a feel of what is useful. In parallel we will shortly start the first wikki (for a new method) and discussion groups (for established methods) to suppliment the blog.
Finally – yes we are working on a new course schedule. Sharon Darwent is joining in a few weeks time to take on board the network support and training so expect course dates on four continents shortly. I welcome an ideas from previous participants as we are looking to increase the number of courses and change their nature a bit. But the final form is not settled yet.

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