Happy holidays

April 6, 2010

I am not sure why I have become intolerant to “happy holidays” as a greeting for our special religious periods. I am not a practicing Christian yet I find, particularly living in the UK, that on the whole, the religious festivals are taken quite seriously.

So I am somewhat surprised when I received many Christmas cards this year, and now Easter holiday greetings as “Happy Holidays” (or even “Happy Festive Season” without naming the festive we are suppose to be happy about). I have probably spoken about this before, but this easter it has started to make my blood boil a bit again.

One big thank you to Dave Williams, a CE consultant, who actually did wish everyone connected to him on Skype a “Happy Easter”.

I’m sure that we have all read sad PC stories in our news papers and the internet on various attempts in the UK to stamp out Christian festivals. At my wife’s work they stopped ordering the annual lobby Christmas Tree because it would insult the Muslim employees and visitors. Sadly, it was left to the Pakistani Muslim security officer who worked in the lobby to go out and buy a Christmas tree for the lobby and decorate it himself.

So I am going to go on the war path, starting with my University College. Given the steeped history that the Oxford University has in its Christian origins, and that we have a strong theological presence in the college, I was more than quite surprised that their Christmas card this year was a “happy holiday” one. What bugs me more about this is that it is Christmas time that I don’t take any holidays and those working on part-time degrees are most likely to be in the heat of an assignment or dissertation work during the Christmas period. I will be having a conversation with the college about the Christmas cards and that certainly confirms in my mind that I’ve now reached the age where I have become an COMPLAINING OLD GIT

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