Henley: Leif & Hans Rosling on the future

February 24, 2010

I missed afternoon session as I needed to get my presentation together. You can find it here and there will be a link to a podcast as well. I spoke before Leif Edvinsson another of those fathers of knowledge management and a long term friend. Leif starts with a TED talk video from Hans Rosling on Asia’s rise, when and how Asia will past the west in economic terms in 2048 (July late). Not sure about that one as the earth does seem that stable and we have 2012 to pass! The passion of the talk is good though, although uncomfortable for any supporter of the English Imperial myth.

Question and answer session here, looking at what people have learnt. Concerns over military power, some cynicism (especially from Indians) about the date. Too complex a discourse to really summarise here, its a rich conversation from many people. Pleased that people are taking away the need for knowledge work to become strategic.

Key from Leif – health of people is the key indicator of the future, but how do we see the future how do we make it happen.

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