Hong Kong, via Helsinki

March 18, 2013

A long overnight to Hong Kong by way of Helsinki more or less wiped out today.   I got some work done on the first hop and in the lounge but after that its all about sleep given the shorter more direct flight that the FinnAir routing provides.  I've got a packed week before a more relaxing weekend at the 7s then down to Singapore before returning home to the UK just in time for my Birthday.  I'm celebrating that, the last before I can get discounted travel on National Express, by going to Nabucco at the Royal Opera House in the evening having walked a section of the Wessex Ridgeway with Peter and Julia during the day.

Landing a Hong Kong I suffered a fraud check freeze on my debit card and then had to wait for the automated call to confirm that yes I was in Hong Kong, yes each of the last five transactions was valid etc. etc.   Now I don't resent the block, better they do that than I get ripped off.   But why not a quick call from a human being?  Mastercard do that and it means we resolve things quickly.  The automated service took five minutes of an international call to go through all the steps.  If you travel as much as I do blocked credit and debit cards are a part of life and you learn the routines.   About 50% of the time is a false positive but that is OK.

Funny really, I always feel guilty when this happens, even thought I know the money is there I panic and have to go on line to double check.  The consequence of running too close to the edge of an overdraft as a student I suppose and that feeling of dread never leaves you.  At any event I had enough cash to get a grande americano in the faithful travel mug – essential after a flight.  Thence on the train to Central and briefing for tomorrow's session and finally to bed. 

I first had to approve the text for the announcement all network members got – more on the training aspects of that tomorrow.

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