Hubert’s response

March 5, 2007

For those of you who do not check comments on past blogs, I thought I should point out that Hubert has responded to my post Hubert’s error. He argues that blogs are primarily content based and work in small groups, but are not an enterprise tool. He offers no elaboration on the top down/bottom up issue. I think my original comments stand, but the response is from Hubert is interesting and I recommend it. By the way, and in response to a few queries, the title of the blog was an indirect reference to Damasio and this review provides a good skim read including a reference to Nietzsche. The connections to Nietzsche from several other complexity writers such as Keith Ansell-Pierson are interesting, possibly disturbing and nothing what so ever to do with Hubert’s response! More on that in the future. And for my final tangential thought of the day – have you seen Little Miss Sunshine yet? It is a delightful satire, and use of Nietzsche as inspirational hero is well done.

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