I want one, very very badly …

July 1, 2007

I left Atlanta with the knowledge that people I had been working with were about to go downtown and buy their iPhones. If this is the best the experts can do on negatives, then its even better than hyped, as indicated here. The real marketing insight of Apple, is to realise that people are buying capability and design rather than choice (as traditionally interpreted).

  • I really could not care less which telephone operator provides the service, that is a mere commodity, what matters to me is the user experience.
  • I don’t want one device that does everything – that is for geeks, I want several devices that inter-operate without difficulty but are designed for purpose.

So, should I get one when I am back in Atlanta next week? US phone rates overseas are after all cheaper than using my UK based mobile, and it is so, so beautiful …….

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  1. […] until the first anniversary of this blog, and today saw comment number 1000 from Dave Davison to my salivating post on the iPhone. It starts Dave, here is what I thought about the iPhone …. Thanks to everyone who […]

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