Introductions - Why I find Biogs painful

March 15, 2011

Is it just me or does anyone else find ‘biogs’ embarrassing and a real pain to construct? When you are asked to become a CE guest blogger (and thanks for the invite by the way) they send you some instructions and request a 50 word biography.

So this gives me immediate stress. What do I say in a 50 word biog? Do I keep it very dry? Sort of a CV with connecting sentences or should I craft something that a Hollywood scriptwriter would be proud of? Alternatively, do I second guess what might resonate with readers of this blog and pepper the 50 words with references to Cynefin, complexity and rugby?

I’m a natural waffler and to shrink the past 30 years of career, projects, life experiences into 50 words is tough and it always, always sounds cheesy and contrived when I read it back.

In then end, when you read the ‘biog’ above, you will see that I played it safe and covered all the bases!

Once you get past the ‘biog’ stage you then have to write some content (as think it’s called in certain circles). This is the tough part, especially given the illustrious nature of previous guest bloggers. At this point I’m not totally sure of the subjects that will be covered in the next few days, however I can confirm that I won’t be mentioning rugby. Ever.

Subjects that might be covered include: frustrations with self-styled gurus on twitter, the failure of (UK) politicians to understand complexity, using CE approaches to plan infrastructure developments and why I wish I sometimes had a job that was easy to explain to my father.

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