Italian Lakes: 13 Never in August

August 5, 2011

DSC_5603.jpgA day trip to Venice should be one of the highlights of a holiday in Verona. It’s two hours away by train or car and one can never tire of Venice. That said several members of the party were not wild about the idea. Wonderful as Venice is, avoiding July and August is normally good advice. However it was the firm desire of at least one person so we drove there, parked and got a day pass for the vaporetto along with a rather tacky hat (I had left by 50SPF high tech one in a restaurant the previous day). Then it started to get unpleasant.

For a start it was very very hot, and the vaporetto was crowded and its a long trip from the car park to St Mark’s square. Better to have come by train and walked directly onto the Grand Canal from the station. By the time we got there the leather shop along from the naval museum was closed and all people wanted to do was sit or lie down so we had an early lunch at the first place we found. From there to the shopping area after half an hour of which I went on strike. This involved a agreement to meet in St Marks Square at a future point, and I then disappeared into various churches for the art, the peace and the coolness.

After that I spent £30 on an ice cream, water and coffee in one of the rip off locations that surround St Marks. It was impossible to take any pictures due to the number of people, the scaffolding and the adverts stretched over the fronts of whole buildings – crass beyond belief. The rest of the party rejoined having found nothing and we finally got the vaporetto back to the car park. Another packed journey, standing the whole way with little room to even breathe. The only highlight was the sculptures that you often find around the Grand Canal. The crab shown was outside the Natural History Museum.

Too many people and the first ever bad memories of what is (other than in August) one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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