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April 18, 2009

Thank you for reading. I had never blogged before and I must say that two weeks is way too short to really delve into a subject, too short to be nuanced, and too short to cover the span of interest and experience any one person has. Nevertheless I hope that you have appreciated some of the things I wrote, and the sources I have referred to.

As a desert I want to dish out some video’s and other material on other subjects I deeply care about. Education or rather learning would be the common denominator here. But not inflicted learning; not the standard one-to-many, curricularly imposed instructional-design stuff. It’s about individual, self sought, self-directed discovery and development. This theme is perhaps so important to me as it is through this and through the passion and motivation inherent in it that I have always, even in circumstances where I was (or am) regarded as a ‘resource’, been able to combine work with play, exercise, discovery, learning, and sense of self.

Here are some tips for people interested in learning, development and passion:

* Mathematicians lament (essay) – Paul Lockhart
* The Element (video), by Ken Robinson
* Corporate Learning Trends and Innovation (community site), by Jay Cross and others
* Tales of Passion (video), by Isabel Allende
* The story of a passionate life (video), by Ben Dunlap
* The wayfinders (video, part 1 of 2), by Wade Davis
* Do schools kill creativity? (video), by Ken Robinson
* Poverty and Education – The challenge of improving schools (blogpost + video), at the Open Education blog

I could go on. But everything is fragmented, as Dave Snowden puts it. And the world is complex (including our perception of it, I would add). So even if I would make a list of a hundred resources, I would only have scratched the surface of this learning and passion theme.

Hope you enjoy this!

Kind regards,


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