Left overs day

December 28, 2008

Memory of Christmas excess having faded its time to use up the left-over turkey (I hate to freeze it). One of the best ways is Turkey Tetrazzini which will go into production later on this afternoon; the aim being to eat in front of the BBC’s new and apparently more authentic production of The Thirty Nine Steps. Its amusing to think that complaints are anticipating for not including the Big Ben scene created by Hitchcock’s film. For many people these days the film is more authentic than the book on which is based. That aside, back to the cooking and that Turkey. A few days I ago I packed up a pound of cold turkey with a hands off on pain of mutilation notice. Shortly I will cook half a pound of spaghetti and then make a sauce of almonds, lemon juice, hot cream, stock (made from the original turkey’s bones) and some brandy. That will be poured over layers of turkey and spaghetti along with some mushrooms, covered with Parmesan and then baked in the Aga for twenty minutes.

That will be followed with Anzac Christmas Pudding. I have no idea if comes from down under or not but its great to eat in front of the log fire. A 1lt bombe dish is coated inside with butter and shortbread and then a mixture of cream, brandy and mincemeat follows. After twenty minutes in the freeze this is hollowed out and the space filled with organic vanilla ice cream, almonds, pistachios and cherries. The whole is then frozen. 45 minutes before serving, remove from the freezer, dip the mould into hot water and turn it out onto a serving dish decorated with holly and cherries. After all of that, plan a very long walk for Monday.

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