Lunatics, snakes and witch burning

September 2, 2007

This is a follow up to my reporting that the Rev.Tim Jones had banned Yoga classes on the grounds that it would corrupt the mind of toddlers. Yesterday I was again listening to Radio 4 while taking my daughter into work (late night waitressing to fund late night parties when she should be studying and sleeping, of course I was very different at 18, just like all other parents). The programme was Any Answers and the Yoga banning Vicar (makes a change from choir boys I suppose) was the subject of debate. One caller argued as follows:

  1. At the centre of Yoga is the idea of balancing your chakras
  2. The chakras run down your spine and are described as snakes (I think that is a reference to Kundalini a Sanskrit word that can mean coiling like a snake by the way)
  3. The snake tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden
  4. Snakes are, and represent, evil
  5. Therefore Yoga is evil
  6. Q.E.D. Yoga should be banned.

There was obviously an organised phone in of support for the ban (I doubt anyone else took it seriously) with lots of mutterings about nasty liberals, and there is a right and a wrong, and we know what is right. Britain is a Christian country, lets keep it so.

All goes to show close we are to witch burning and public executions underneath the veneer of civilisation. Of course, Monty Python got there first.

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