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September 19, 2006

An interesting catch up and chat with Shawn over the weekend. I’ve missed him on my last visit to Australia, although Mark and Andrew from Anecdote were at the last accreditation course up in Brisbane earlier this year. (I am promised their profiles on the web site shortly) We were talking about their automation of the selection process for Most Significant Change (MSC) projects with their Web 2.0 product Zahmoo.

We talked about links to Sensemaker and identified three:

Firstly, using Sensemaker to capture large volumes of anecdotal material that could then feed the selection and workflow aspects of Zahmoo.
Secondly taking the output of Zahmoo and allowing the analytical and visualisation aspects of Sensemaker to provide additional insight to the overall patterns.
Thirdly using some of the index analysis features of Sensemaker to pre-process anecdotal material (and possibly downstream as we create a story-builder to synthesis anecdotes into more coherent stories).
Fourthly, some interesting and cool things that we haven’t thought of yet but will do when we start to work through this.

Now one of the reasons this is cool, is that always wanted to create something that would augment and act symbiotically with other products and methods. This is a chance to do this. MSC is different, but compatible with Cognitive Edge approaches and a chance to link via an existing network member is good news.

For those who are puzzled by references to features in this post, we will publish more about the Sensemaker product on the web site shortly. Also demonstrations are now available from several network members who have been carrying out the beta tests. We will set up some briefing sessions for network members in each territory later in the year.

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