Moving away form the superficial

April 26, 2010

If I didn’t already have four prints from Gaping Void (plus the three I bought for other people) then I would buy this. It is a problem that is made worse by surveys etc. which assume that people respond as they would act. Something that is rarely the case; we respond in role, we gift the questioner, we take ideal positions. What matters in brand loyalty, in gaining commitment from your staff, is your willingness to change they way they life (in a degree proportional to the product/request). One of the things that narrative based approaches to research allow, is the ability get below to the superficial statements of what people thing they want, to the records of their day to day lives. If you have not shown a pattern of behaviour in the past, then it will take a dramatic shift of context in the present to achieve it now. I want to do many things, and I would say so if you asked. However the pattern of my behaviour is a better indicator of what I will do in practice. If you want a simple illustration then read this story, or this, or this (sigh) and compare it with my stated intention to loose weight (sob).

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