Musings between flights

January 25, 2008

I missed a blog day for which apologies, mainly due to an intensive period of training on the first Washington DC Accreditation Programme and several presentations and meetings in the evenings and over breakfast. I am finally settled in Reagan Airport waiting for a flight to Tampa and a day of meetings before I return to the UK. We had a good turnout in Washington. It continued the recent trend of attendees being in the main there to find out how to run programmes using SenseMaker™ along with the various methods. In the early days we had enthusiasts, now the market is maturing we are getting more of an application focus in the attendees. I’m looking forward to our first Welsh programme in Cardiff shortly. That one is our first experiment with offering both the full three day programme as well as offering each day as a distinct programme (Strategy – Narrative – Networks & Organisational structure).

One of the things that continues to surprise me is that I never get bored teaching this material Each audience makes the experience different and you also refine the ideas. Yesterday, presenting a range of material on how to manage complex environments I managed to synthesis a set of separate ideas and concepts into a more coherent approach. OK it was all new stuff, so that will happen anyway. However I (and it may be style) find it easiest to develop an idea in declamation mode (with feedback) than in contemplation or discussion (although both of those have their place). Its a good job I enjoy it as Cardiff is followed by Pretoria and Canberra! In between that we have the Six Nations and my tickets for Wales home games are in the bag. However the first and most important (v England away) appears beyond me this year and I am not prepared to pay a scalper £800 (£400 each for Huw and I) so I will stock up on beer and tranquilisers and get ready to deafen the neighbours …..

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