Myers Briggs

October 3, 2007

A nice little satire here courtesy of Mind Hacks. Now as many of you know I have a particular dislike for psychometric tests that focus on categorisation. I almost think a special place in Hell should be reserved for the creators and perpetrators of the worst of these, Myers Briggs tests; at least in so far as they make ay assumption of objectivity. It’s all a part of the mechanical, pseudo-predictive HR practice which has done so much to damage both the profession and their subjects. It has no real basis is science that I can see and I am not alone in this view. Methods based on orientations, which in effect allow a fluid approach to understanding the way in which people behave and recognize the criticality of context, I think can be useful in enabling conversation. Any use for recruitment or promotion however I think is very dubious. It’s another way (like excessive outcome based targets) of allowing managers to abrogate responsibility of exercising human judgement and taking responsibility for their decisions.

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  1. Colin Dyas says:

    I agree. However the weird thing about this, and it is weird, is that some people like to self-identify by their psychometric categorisation and actually feel enfranchised and empowered by being “spectrumised” They seem to take it as a rationale way to define how they are likely to behave and why? These are intelligent people too. In the same way that some people see ASBO’s as a badge of pride, perhpas they see their psychometric categorisation in the same way?

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