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October 14, 2006

My last week in Singapore (I am drafting this on the plane back to the UK) was packed. The main activity was the second fusion experiment I have conducted there.

The first was with Gary Klein, looking at how we could improve weak signal detection using various sense-making methods. Expect some publications on that next year. This one was with Alicia Juarrero whose book is one of the best expositions of complexity I know. Alicia and I were in Singapore with Paul Higgins. Paul came on the recent accreditation programme in Brisbane, we met again after than in Canberra and he volunteered to help out on the programme. Paul is a Vet, as well as a futurist which illustrates the ability of Cognitive Edge to attract eclectic, interesting and capable people! The fourth member of the team was Cynthia Kurtz my co-author on two major papers and co-creator of methods and concepts for the best part of a decade. Cynthia was in the US, 12 hours apart in time zones giving us a 24 hour capability. I’ll blog on the experiment later in the week. As the week was packed Steve and I had little time to deal with a whole set of business issues around Cognitive Edge so we ended up meeting at Changi Airport after I had checked in. Reflecting on the contribution that Paul had made we decided that we would start to advertise such opportunities in the future. I get a lot of requests from newly trained network members for a chance to work on a project and it was good to provide Paul with the opportunity. He also added capability that proved indispensable on the day. There is a lot of experimental research that needs to be done as we expand the application of sense-making to different areas. Like most research you always need more resource needs than funding so we can kill two birds with one stone.

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