Not my fault Guv …

March 28, 2008

I find it difficult to believe (well maybe I don’t) that after producing a major engineering project on time and budget, a combination of BA and BAA could combine to mess up the opening day of Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Delays at the staff carpark are in part to blame! People failed to unload bags fast enough, the queues were too long. Hi guys, ever heard of rehearsal? Simulation software?

Then to cap it all, having cancelled flights as a result of incompetence they get petty minded about overnight accomodation for those affected. You can’t get a hotel at Heathrow for £100 in normal times, let alone when lots of people are looking for them. Was it beyond the wit of man to arrange the accommodation and for someone senior (or several someones) to take people out for a meal, apologise and generally behave like a group of human beings rather than blame avoidance bureaucrats?

Firstly, on something of this scale you should not make mistakes, secondly and more importantly if you make a mistake the way you handle it is key. In this case BA and/or BAA come out with tarnished reputations and they did not come into the situation with much credit in the bank on that score anyway.

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